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You have persistent pain, probably in your back, neck, or shoulders. It may radiate to your arms or legs. You may be looking for treatment for the first time, or want to try a different treatment than the one you now receive. Can you imagine that your pain is treatable with simple methods? Most back pain and neck pain is caused by soft tissue such as muscles and tendons. This is confusing because you may have been told your pain is from your spine, discs, or nerves. The problem is most people as they get older have signs of wear and tear on their x-rays and MRIs, but these studies do not clearly evaluate painful muscles. You can have a herniated disc, as up to 40% of adults do, or a degenerated disc, as up to 70% of adults do, without any pain. Your pain may actually be completely from muscles.

Our patients were often told they needed surgery or already had surgery without relief. Some had unsuccessful treatment with spinal cord stimulators, nerve blocks, and epidural steroids. Many of these patients were relieved of most of their pain. Our results for patients who were followed for 16 months have been published in Pain Medicine in 2013.

Our evaluation incorporates an instrument that electrically identifies painful muscles. Our treatment protocols can eliminate your pain without the need for additional treatment.

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