A recent study of a simple resistance exercise program for the neck and shoulders, in office workers who complained of weekly headaches (HAs), showed an approximately 50% reduction in HA frequency vs. a weekly health education control group. The exercise groups were 2 minutes or 12 minutes of daily exercise. The remaining HAs were no different in terms of intensity or duration of pain.

HAs are the most commonly reported pain problem. If brief exercise could have such a dramatic effect on HA frequency, it should be considered as a standard intervention for all office workers who appear to have muscle tension type headaches. However it is not clear why neck and shoulder exercise reduce HA frequency. It is understandable that exercising muscles that are tense and stiff from repetitive strain, for example bending your head and neck over a desk for hours at a time, could help relax stiff and tense muscles. which can cause back and neck pain.  But just performing an action to address HAs on a daily basis may make you more aware of the circumstances surrounding a headache episode. Since headaches are frequently brought on with emotional stress, being more aware of and addressing stress has been shown to reduce HA frequency through various interventions.
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