Back Pain – 3 Great Exercises with Dr. Norman Marcus M.D.

29 April 2013

Tips on Healthly Living with Dr. Norman Marcus demonstrating 3 of the exercises in his book, End Back pain Forever – a groundbreaking approach to elminate your suffering. Back muscles cause pain in 4 distinct ways: tension, weakness & stiffness, spasm, and trigger points.


Curing Back Pain

07 Jan 2012

A clip from NBC’s Today Show with Dr. Norman Marcus and a pain-free patient discussing how back pain can often be cured without surgery or mind-altering medications


Alisyn Camerota reports on New Back Pain Treatment

07 Jan 2012

Alisyn Camerota, the host of Fox News’ ‘Fox & Friends 1st’, reports on a new& very promising, nonsurgical treatment for severe back pain. For more info about the treatment go to


My Aching Back

07 Jan 2012

A film clip from ABC’s Good Morning America, showing how the Muscle Pain Detection Device changed the life of two patients who were totally disabled by persistent back and leg pain and had been considered untreatable.


Easing Back Pain

07 Jan 2012

Harry Smith spoke with Dr. Norman Marcus about tips for preventing and easing back pain.


BuildingNY: Dr. Norman Marcus

14 Jun 2012

Michael Stoler speaks with Dr. Norman Marcus about his most recent book, End Back Pain Forever, as well as a look into Dr. Marcus’s history.