Dr. Marcus and his colleagues just published a 2 part long-term muscle treatment outcome study of lower back pain patients who were originally diagnosed as having pain in the spine and nerves exiting the spine (i.e. herniated disc, facet arthropathy, spinal stenosis, lumbar radiculopathy). The first large group of patients had been treated unsuccessfully with one or more of the following: spine surgery, facet blocks, radiofrequency ablation, trigger point injections and prolotherapy. The second small group were scheduled for back surgery. Both groups responded to a muscle treatment protocol with significant reductions in pain intensity and improvements in level of activity.  Three of seven pre-surgery patients, identified with painful muscles, had their surgeries cancelled. Results were maintained at > 14 months follow-up. This second published study of his muscle evaluation and treatment protocol suggests that improved treatment and cost of care could result if muscles were routinely evaluated and treated in all patients with lower back pain. Click here to read the study document.


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